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General information on the natural gas changeover

Natural gas changeover in Nettetal

Stadtwerke Nettetal GmbH supplies our region with natural gas. There are two different types of natural gas, L and H-gas. Until now, you have received L-gas, which is mainly extracted in the Netherlands. However, this extraction will soon be stopped. Because of this, Stadtwerke Nettetal GmbH is switching its natural gas supply to H-gas.

In accordance with § 19a of the German Energy Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz), the respective network operator is responsible for the natural gas changeover. In Nettetal, this is Stadtwerke Nettetal GmbH. This also applies when you receive your natural gas from a different supplier.

We will inform you in a timely manner on all steps involved and what you must observe.

Why is the natural gas supply being changed?

Natural gas is available in two different gas qualities, L-gas and H-gas. Both gas types differ in regard to their chemical composition. Here, the “L” stands for “low” – L-gas has a lower energy content than H-gas. The “H” stands for “high” – H-gas has a higher energy content.

In future, L-gas will no longer be available. From 03 September 2024, you will be supplied with H-gas in Nettetal. To ensure that your gas appliances (e.g. stove, hot water boiler, heating system) work safely with H-gas, all of the gas appliances in your home must be inspected and technically adapted.

What happens during the visits?

For the performance of the measures, you will be visited twice by a technician who has been commissioned by us.

1. During the first visit, the technician will inspect all gas appliances in your home. Please show him where the appliances are located. The technician will write down important information such as the appliance type and its designation. Then he will take a photograph of each gas appliance. This is referred to as the “survey of the gas appliances”. This survey is expected to begin in November 2022 and should be completed in approx. March 2023.

2. During the second visit, the technician will convert all gas appliances. This is required to ensure that your gas appliances can process the new natural gas (H-gas) later on. The technician will provide the necessary replacement parts. The adaptation of the gas appliances will begin in March 2024 and last until approx. October 2024.

Please allow our technicians to enter your home for the survey and adaptation. There is a danger to your safety should your gas appliances not be inspected and adapted on time. You do not have to pay anything for these measures.

When will we visit you?

You will receive a letter from Stadtwerke Nettetal GmbH, in which the technician’s visit will be announced in writing. Until then, no action is required on your part, we will get in touch with you. Please make sure to keep the letter stating the date.